Agile Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct?

My experience as ScrumMaster and Scrum Coach is that the vast majority of Scrum Implementations are actually only Fake Scrum. What I mean by this is e.g. that organisations pretend to be agile while sticking to the traditional management structures (org charts) and processes. From my pov that is the top impediment for becoming an agile organisation, which supposed to be correlated with a culture change. Craig Larman says “Culture follows Structure” and I believe that is true.

With that said, I need to ask myself if it is honest for me as an Agile Coach or ScrumMaster to accept or persue a contract, as soon as I recognize that the management is not willing to change. If I have the opportunity to discuss those issues with the C-level management, that should certainly be clarified on that level. We than could even figure out if a revolutionary approach (like Scrum) is appropriate and feasible (and in case help them to take the necessary decision to change the orgchart immediately) or an evolutionary approach (like Kanban) would be a better way for the organisation.

But what if I don´t have this opportunity? Obviously it is almost impossible to change those org-structures bottom up. How should I behave? Do I want to be a “Fake Scrum Enabler” in order to just gain the money from the client? Would that serve our profession well?

There don´t seem to be much of a discussion in the community regarding that topic. Shouldn´t we have a Code of Conduct like PMI has (see Let´s have that discussion!

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